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Hi, my name is Meg, and I am a third year medical student at Girton. I only joined rock and roll last year, after attending a demo session with a group of my flatmates. It honestly looked like one of the most energetic and exciting but terrifying things I could possibly join. When I started I had absolutely no background in gymnastics or acrobatics, a slight fear of heights but a lot of enthusiasm, but after I started at my first class I never looked back.

Hey, I am Ben; I am doing part 3 maths this year, at Trinity Hall, and I am really excited to be team captain!

I only started dancing last year, and I hugely enjoyed it. Everyone was so welcoming, and I think innately acro rock and roll is such a fun thing to do. It is a great way to meet people, stay in shape, improve rhythm, and just do something that is so not studying in the library.

Hey, I am Antonia and I am a third year chemical engineer at Girton :) In second year I was very excited to join rock n roll, knowing that I love its beat and music - only to find out it is much more than dancing! Despite not being a pro in acrobatics, I love the physical and mental challenge of it. I couldn't have found a better way to vent and exercise during term, let alone make amazing new friends. 



Publicity and Social Secretary

Formations choreographer

Hi, I’m Matt, 2nd year History and Politics student at Girton. I had no clue what acrobatic rock’n’roll was when I joined, but after being dragged by Meg to a taster session, got hooked on the lifts, exercise and dodgy lycra. It’s been a great laugh, and I’m excited to go again this year!

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